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Visual media is one of the oldest and most powerful means of communication we have. The lessons in the department are designed to help students master their expressive visual language. Just as we learn to read and write, so must we learn to speak the language of art.  Art making helps students develop their intellectual, emotional, and social abilities. Art instruction benefits all students.  Middle School art classes offer a wide variety of experiences in media and techniques that are accessible and engaging for all students, regardless of their previous experience.  Project-based learning is a key approach to instruction. Teachers present a visual problem and a set of media skills and concepts that students will use to solve the problem set before them. This approach to learning gives students the satisfaction of a completed and presentable product for public consumption or exhibition.

The teachers share their art experiences and involve the students in the process of designing projects. Discussion and demonstration are the most effective instructional deliveries. Teaching and making art in the classroom engenders insight and creativity.

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Anthony Campbell
Department Coordinator  

Maggie Heinze

Kim Tamalonis